Paralegal Services by Michelle Gredinberg

About Michelle
About Michelle Gredinberg:
Michelle has been a certificated paralegal since 1994, and graduated from West Valley College's ABA approved paralegal program. She interned at the Federal Public Defender's office in San Jose while in college and made various contacts there which led to a career in the criminal law sector. She worked as a paralegal for the Conflicts Administration Program then the Legal Aid Conflicts Program, and went on to contract with various local County and Government agencies and private law firms working on serious felony, homicide, and death penalty cases. Michelle has experience as the joint coordinator paralegal on the state's largest case (Nuestra Familia) and the largest federal case in San Jose (U.S. v. Blanco, et al.).

Eleven years experience working closely with Santa Clara County Conflicts Administrator, concentrating on case preparation, case management, special administrative studies involving oversight of the 93 panel attorneys and 16 investigation firms, and preparation of supporting data for responses to requests for bid proposals.
Worked with over 125 attorneys in the Bay Area, achieving an excellent reputation for professionalism, hard work, and expertise on criminal cases and Conflicts program management. She has numerous references from prominent members of the legal community, and has letters of recommendation upon request.
Michelle is married and a proud mother to two children. She lives in San Jose and enjoys traveling, wakeboarding, moto-xing and weekend adventures with her family.
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