Paralegal Services by Michelle Gredinberg

Paralegal and Litigation Case Management Consulting Services

Assisting attorneys on serious felony, homicide, and death penalty cases with the following:

    • Trial preparation, including all phases of the discovery process;
    • Document organization and indexing;
    • Database creation, set-up of electronic discovery using Lexis Nexis CaseMap, TimeMap, TextMap software and Adobe Acrobat Professional version;
    • Litigation Document Management with Lexis Nexis Concordance software;
    • Coordinating paralegal for large co-defendant and complex discovery cases, assisting entire defense team;
    • Coordinating with prosecutor regarding discovery;
    • Managing junior paralegals assigned to criminal cases;
    • In court trial assistance including PowerPoint presentations for opening statements, during trial and for closing statements;
    • Setup and organize filing systems;
    • Interviewing clients, expert witnesses;
    • Review and organize client files;
    • Prepare summaries, chronologies and visual timelines;
    • Proofreading and editing;
    • Prepare trial notebook/binders;
    • Prepare trial exhibits;
    • Setup and install legal software and electronic discovery files;
    • Loading electronic discovery onto Ipods for criminal clients to view and listen to audio, video and photo material. Delivery and coordination with various jails;
    • Other various assignments deemed necessary throughout a case.

    • I have an experienced team of available investigators, mitigation specialists, transcribers, paralegals, copying and scanning vendors available to tackle your tough case.

      I have access to resources that expedite services and increase efficiency.

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