Paralegal Services by Michelle Gredinberg


"Life as a practicing lawyer would be immeasurably easier if someone like Michelle came
standard with every law degree.  That would be impractical, unfortunately, as there is no one
quite like Michelle.  No one, that is, with her first rate organizational skills, keen analytic insight,
and unremitting dedication to the quality of her work.  In fact, as the director of an organization
that assigns cases, I have had many attorneys refuse to accept a case until they’ve first assured Michelle is available to provide paralegal support.  All maintain she is incomparable in every degree and in all facets of case load management.  Best of all, in my view, her rates are reasonable and she is unfailingly courteous and friendly at all times.  I strongly recommend
against taking on any case of any complexity without ensuring Michelle is available to do what
she does so well on your behalf. "

James Gleason, Santa Clara County Independent Defense Counsel Office (IDO) Director, San Jose, CA

"I work on complex civil and complex criminal cases in the San Francisco Bay Area.  I have had the pleasure of working with Michelle Gredinberg on multiple times organizing and assisting my material for me.  I have used her services both outside the courtroom in terms of organization and preparation and inside the courtroom for trial support.  She is simply the best litigation paralegal I have worked with in my career.  It is as simple as that.  She masters the subject matter, recognizes the issues, and prepares the material in a manner that is easily accessible and intelligently organized. "

Charles J. Smith, Redwood City, CA


 "I have worked with Michelle Gredinberg for 15 years and I admire and respect her professionalism, work ethic and stellar organizational skills. She is intelligent, efficient and as a bonus--she has a wonderful personality. Most recently, she organized and created a Casemap file for a triple capital homicide case I was working on. The case had at least ten thousand (10,000) pages of documents and she prepared a fantastic Casemap file for the enitre case. She has never failed to meet a deadline or failed to complete a job. She is completely reliable and trustworthy." 

Wendy Kim, Attorney at Law, San Jose, CA
"I have successfully used Paralegal Services by Michelle Gredinberg for more than 10 years.  Michelle has been
able to make my job that much easier with her assistance in coordinating and indexing the discovery in the
complex criminal litigation cases that I have handled.  She has always handled the work I assigned to her
efficiently and expeditiously. 

I highly recommend Paralegal Services by Michelle Gredinberg to any criminal attorney who is handling a 

serious felony, homicide or death penalty case. She is essential in any multiple-defendant case."

Patrick H. Kelly, Attorney at Law, San Jose, CA
"Michelle has saved me countless hours of time.  Her ability to organize large amounts of material is only surpassed by her attention to detail.  Any lawyer would be lucky to have her assistance on any case they cared about."

Eric Geffon, Law Office of Geffon & Isger, San Jose, CA ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
"Michelle is simply the best!!!  How she does everything she does is simply amazing.  Some cases would be impossible without her dedication and professionalism."

Dave Davies, Attorney at Law, Campbell, CA
"I have been a criminal defense attorney for over 34 years. During that I time I have handled several complex criminal litigation cases. Each time I was fortunate to have the assistance of Michelle Gredinberg. Her work product was always first class and completed in a timely fashion. Further her organizational strategy for the voluminous discovery was efficient, logical and created in such a manner as to allow easy access to hundreds of documents.

Her assistance saved me precious time and allowed me to concentrate more time on legal issues and nuances associated with every criminal case. I recommend without any reservation the paralegal services of Michelle Gredinberg."

Alfredo Morales, Law Office of Morales & Leanos, San Jose, CA

"As a criminal defense solo practitioner for the last 20 years, I know how important it is to have valuable
assistance in complex, multi-defendant and capital cases.  When I am in need of such help, I unhesitatingly
call on Michelle.  Her work is impeccable and makes lawyering for my clients so much more effective.  Michelle's paralegal skills are second to none and I highly recommend her to any attorney needing her services."

Stuart D. Kirchick, Attorney at Law, San Jose, CA  
"As a private investigator working multi-co defendant matters for the past 9 years I find Michelle’s
paralegal skills second to none. Her strong work ethic, organizational skills and attention to detail
are unmatched in this field. She has the ability to organize voluminous cases and keep the entire
team on the same page in these difficult matters. When I receive a case with Michelle on the team
I know I can immediately concentrate on the investigation assigned. Her work saves me endless
hours of retrieving and organizing thousands of pages of documents so that I can simply access
the data I need. With her numerous contacts in the legal field, she always knows where to find
information or the right person to call when issues come up in our cases." 

Denise Montijo, Private Investigator, Cupertino, CA 
"Michelle Gredinberg is, in my opinion, a necessary asset to the defense of any complicated case or any case
that deals with significant amounts of discovery. In working with me on numberous cases, she has shown a very
quick ability to understand the issues and factual matters that I need sorted and located.  Her presentation of
her findings is not only extremely professional, but very easy to use, both in evaluating the cases as well as
examination and cross examination of witnesses.  In other words, not only are her organizational skills without
equal, her presentations are excellent. She makes the job of any attorney lucky enough to have her assistance
considerably easier."

John D. Cahners, Law Office of Cahners & Samuels, Palo Alto, CA 

"I have practiced civil and criminal law in the Bay Area and Southern California in State and Federal Courts
for more than 30 years. I have been fortunate to have the assistance of excellent paralegals, law clerks,
investigators and other lawyers.  Michelle has been among the very best.  She is conscientious;
knowledgeable; dependable and personable. I have no hesitation in highly recommending her to assist
you in your law office. With Michelle’s computer and internet skills you need not be around the corner
to benefit from her skills."

Jacob Burland, Attorney at Law, Del Mar, CA

"I could not imagine using anyone other than Michelle Gredinberg to handle my complex cases. Currently she is
managing a capital criminal case for me, with over 8000 pages of police reports, forensic documentation, video
and audio taped interviews, medical records, crime scene evidence, and a huge array of other legal work product.

There are 7 co-counsel on this case as well, each with their own view of the materials. She is prompt, efficient,
and wondrously competent in grasping the substance of the case while dealing with the heavy volume and
multiple attorneys. I always feel she is taking special care of my case discovery, due to her professionalism
and responsiveness to my needs. I would not consider taking on another case of this magnitude without
access to her services!"

Amy Morton, Law Office of Morton & Russo LLP, Vallejo, CA


"As a print service provider, I depend on our customers to provide us clear and concise instructions and in an
organized manner. This helps us process the job more efficiently, reducing the time required to complete it, and
ultimately saving the client money. I've dealt with many paralegals in the past 24 years of business and Michelle
is by far the most organized and detail oriented. It would be an asset for any attorney to have her on his/her team, especially in complex criminal cases involving tens of thousands of pages of discovery."


Erik Chee, Copyman Digital, San Jose, CA

"My firm has used Ms. Gredinberg's legal services many time over the past fifteen years.  From the simplest of tasks to
the organization of complex casework involving multiple parties and boxes of discovery in various formats, Michelle has
proven herself to be up to any assignment.  Most importantly, she delivers a finished product that is as requested, on
time and of high quality.  She is prompt, professional and knowledgeable in all aspects of paralegal services and I
recommend her legal services with complete confidence."

Jack Gordon, Attorney at Law, San Jose, CA 
"I have been a private investigator for twenty six years. For the last fifteen years, my job became easier and better when I had the fortunate experience of being able to use the work product produced by Michelle Gredinberg. Her work saves me time and enables me to devote more time to the investigation of a case. Michelle’s skills, work experience and work ethic are superior.  She is professional and trustworthy. I always tell her that she is the best! I’m grateful to be able to benefit from the services she provides."

Anne Fields, Private Investigator, San Jose, CA


"It has been a distinct privilege to know and work with Michelle Gredinberg since 1994. Michelle not only possesses all the talents of an exceptional paralegal (tremendous work ethic, superior organizational skills, tech saavy, professionalism of the highest degree, ability to work under stress and deadlines plus a pleasing personality) but also, Michelle thinks like a criminal defense attorney. That's huge! ...this attribute is an incredible benefit for the attorney and, more importantly, for our clients. 

 Michelle Gredinberg is a lawyer's dream come true. I wish she could be cloned."

 Jeane DeKelver, Attorney at Law, San Jose, California


"I am a certified specialist in criminal law with 40 years of experience.  Because my home office is in Monterey County, I have had only few opportunities to work with Michelle in Santa Clara County.  But it took only one experience to know that Michelle is unsurpassed in her organizational skills, insight, and willingness to work hard.  The first case where I was fortunate enough to have access to Michelle’s services was a special circumstances murder case in San Jose in the years 2002 through 2003.  The case file consisted of more than two thousand pages by the time we got to trial.  Witnesses numbered nearly a hundred, spread all over California and several other states.  The trial lasted more than three weeks, and Michelle was in court with me every day, PLUS she managed all the subpoenas and orders to produce (several witnesses were in prisons or jails); and she tracked our witnesses and helped the investigator get even the reluctant ones to court when we needed them.  In her spare time, she prepared all the courtroom displays.  In more recent cases Michelle has assisted me with the same poise and effectiveness.  I learned that she dedicates herself to the case whether it is big or small. I highly recommend Michelle especially for the complex cases, but also the more routine ones.  In a phrase, “you can depend on her.”"

Thomas S. Worthington, Worthington  Law  Centre, Salinas/Morgan Hill, CA


 Michelle Gredinberg is a champ.  Frankly, her intelligence, dedication, and “ready to work” attitude are the exact ingredients needed for what she does, and she does bring order to chaos, handle the gazillion things a lawyer doesn’t have time for but that also desperately need doing, listen, show up on time, with what’s needed.  All of that and a great human, to boot.  My only selfish regret is that I don’t have her full time.  Thanks Michelle! 

 Mary Elizabeth Conn, Santa Cruz, CA






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